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Understanding Do My Research Papers

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The Book of the Dead The History of Plight Free Essay Example, 1750 words

â€Å"The Book of the Dead at once resembles and revises The Waste Land. The rituals of burial and their concomitant promises of rebirth set up the descent into the underworld, where Rukeyser locates redemptive and revolutionary possibilities. † (Thurston, 173) Rukeyser exploited the new strands of documentary culture and the event at the Bridge for its literary rebirth and the third nuance was the Communist Party’s Popular Front. Rukeyser transformed the tragedy into new political poetic in her The Book of the Dead. The poetry of Rukeyser was a new hope to reincarnate the new man, free of prejudices and discrimination. As mentioned above it was to be achieved within the system not stirring for revolution. A hope was pegged on democracy since it is the only system, if practiced within the norms of the true democratic spirit that can help to establish the ‘endurable world’. The suffering gained meanings because it did not go unnoticed. â€Å"But planted in our flesh these valleys stand, † (The Book of the Dead) The need was to make the down-trodden aware of its plight and then inculcate determination among the wretched of the earth to struggle for the egalitarian society. We will write a custom essay sample on The Book of the Dead: The History of Plight or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now The political poetry and to some the Literature of Resistance from 30s’ onward broaden its scope; not confining to anti-bourgeois literature but to take into account of all the artistic pursuits which were helpful to voice the plight and then to rekindle the spirit of struggle in the society. In The Book of the Dead the distorted modern notion of development is exposed. The greed is disguised as development which is launched at the cost of humans. Moreover, as it happened in colonized countries, the culture of the down trodden is projected as the great obstacle on the way of progress. The oppressors, of colonial era and now in corporate, have caused great sufferings on the pretext of development. The vision evoked in Absalom by the miners â€Å"highlighted helmet and the radium workers’ allows us to see both the positive and negative aspect of our myth identity†. (Thurston, 209) The myth of a technological advanced nation, who has crystal shell over the sky but by narrating the event that shell is broken. Sillen asked Rukeyser about the engineers in The Book of the Dead in her Radio interview that they were not natives of the town to be included in the poem. Rukeyser replied, â€Å"The engineers were the representative type of what I should call society in the abstract. They cared mainly about the mechanical beauty and efficiency of the things they were building, and not about the human life involved or any of the humanities. † (Radio Interview Muriel Rukeyser by Samuel Sillen.

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The Physics Of Mechanical And Kinetic Energies - 1247 Words

The mechanical, gravitational potential and kinetic energies (measured and average) showed trends with the masses of the balls. The big ball (larger mass) possessed more mechanical, gravitational potential and kinetic energy than the small ball (see summary table above) whereas the ball with the smaller mass possessed less energy correspondingly (3.9976 0.4588, 1.2242 0.0428, 6.1853 1.2242). This trend was consistent throughout all of the recorded results. This can be justified by the equations of mechanical, gravitational potential and kinetic energy which all include mass meaning a larger mass constitutes to more energy (see Background Information). The calculated theoretical and measured values showed differences with the†¦show more content†¦This is the mechanical energy. When the balls lose height, it loses potential energy but gains speed (thus gaining kinetic energy). At halfway down (0.5m), half of the potential energy has been converted to kinetic energy but the mechanical energy remains constant (see Equation 3: Mechanical Energy in Background Information and graph above). This is because of the Law of Conservation of Energy; energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted and transferred. Eventually, there is a complete depletion of gravitational potential energy and only kinetic energy at 0m as all the gravitational potential energy has been converted during free-fall. Once in contact with the floor, the kinetic energy converted to elastic potential (deformation), sound and heat energy, then back to kinetic energy when bouncing and gaining gravitational potential energy as the height increased. The ball never goes back up to the height it was dropped; it only bounces to a new peak which is lower than the original peak height. This is because the Law of Conservation of Energy does not ‘give’ the ball more kinetic energy to bounce back up after the energy has been converted and lost to sound energy and heat energy whilst hitting the ground (hence the ‘boing’ sound it makes, which proves the Law of Conservation of Energy). This alone proves the Law of Conservation of Energy, as the ball never bounces back to the same peak. The ball should have a higher temperature than it originally

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All Quiet On The Western Front Essay With Quotes Example For Students

All Quiet On The Western Front Essay With Quotes I am very quiet. Let the months andyears come, they can take nothing from me, they can take nothing more. I am so alone, and so without hope that I can confront them without fear. Thelife that has borne me through these years is still in my hands. WhetherI have subdued it, I know not. But solong as it is there it will seek its own way out, heedless of the will that is within me.These are the thoughts of a young veteran of World War I, namedPaul Baumer. It is a testament for one and all of the lost generation. Ageneration of war ravaged youth trying to come to terms with the realityof life, and the hatred that took the lives of so many of their comrades. Before they had a chance to live the war engulfed their youthfulaspirations to conquer the world. Torn apart by war, yet unified by thenoble cause of defending their country in all its glory. On the threshold of life,they faced an abyss of death.Among the many new recruits, Paul Baumer and his classmates,enlist with youthful enthusiasm in the German army of World War I. Assoldiers they know not what awaits them on the battle field. Many oftheir comrades will die before their very eyes. And for what? They dontknow what their fighting against, theyre fighting a war that isnt their own. But rather the war of the political leaders of several countries, whosearrogance cost the lives of so many young men. A war can never be fullyjustified, how do you justify the loss of human life? They know nothing oflife but despair, death, and fatuous superficiality cast over an abyss ofsorrow. The war has destroyed them, before they had a chance to live. We loved our country as much as they;we went courageously into every actionbut also we distinguished the false fromthe true, we had suddenly learned to see. And we saw that there was nothing of their world left. We were all at onceterribly alone; and alone we must see itthrough.Its hard for us to imagine what it must have been like for theseyoung men to face the hardships that war brings. The loss of theircomrades, fear, what it all boils down to is death. A word that issynonymous with war. One by one, they all die, and in the end Paul is leftto face the war alone. Kemmerich is the first to die. And he is a sign of the things tocome. When he dies, they all see themselves, and the uncertainty thatlies ahead. A friend has died, yet he remains only a face in theirimagination, someone they once knew. One by one, Kemmerich, Muller,Kropp, Tjaden, Detering, Haie, Katczinsky, Leer, Ginger, all of them: dead. Yet Paul remains. To live his life in the silence the war brings. Erich Maria Remarque brings his own experience of such matters toAll Quiet on the Western Front. He was in combat during World War I,and was wounded several times during the course of his service. Hebrings you the personal side of what war is, and with those whoparticipated in this (fictitious) war. The emotion is real, though thecharacters are not. It is said to be the greatest war novel of all time. After reading All Quiet on the Western Front tell me if you dont see warin a whole new perspective, one that in all its chaos eluded you before.

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Affirmative Action Case Essays

Affirmative Action Case Essays Affirmative Action Case Essay Affirmative Action Case Essay Measures of merit are biased toward cur entry empowered groups. For example, schools that are predominantly black Often Offer fewer AP classes. According to a New York Times article, Californians best high schools offer ma NY APS and honors classes which boost a students GAP with point multipliers. This raises the average applicant GAP at UCLA, for example, to 4. 2. Many of the largely black high such lolls around Los Angels, however, severely lack AP courses, making the highest possible GAP a 4. 0. Meanwhile, families in higher tier jobs can often provide their children with be deter internship and research opportunities via connections be;en colleagues that under presented races do not have. These research and internship opportunities create a distinct ad antigen for college applicants. Moreover, people in positions of power are more likely to hire from certain backgrounds regardless of popular principles, perpetuating this disparity. The white unemployment rate is 4. 9 while the black or African American unemployment rate is 10. (Asian rate is 4. 0) in January 201 5 according to a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Similarly, Infeasible. Com reports that as of 201 3, black men earn only 75. 1 % of a white mans wage. Affirmative action allows the best to rise by addressing this exclusion and ball inning the advantage. Moving on to my second point Affirmative action has been making progress since its creation in 1960. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights r eports that since the I sass, students of color have increased their total college enrollment by 57. Percent, and the proportion of women earning bachelors degrees has been steadily increasing Moreover, negative effects have been observed when affirmative action programs were abolished. Statistics show that after California abolished its affirmative action programs n 1998, the minority student admissions at US Berkeley fell 61 percent, and minority Adam sessions at UCLA fell 36 percent. After Texas abolished its affirmative action program in 1996, R ice Universitys freshman class had 46 percent fewer Fragmentariness and 22 percent fewer Hispanic students. Continuing onto my final point : Affirmative action promotes ethnic diversity and more ethnic representation in in jobs and learning opportunities. This ethnic diversity is be inefficacy for society. Greater interaction and communication between ethnic groups reduce sees the possibility for misunderstanding and reduces conflict. It also increases understanding be teen these groups and therefore discourages further discrimination and can serve as a SSL w acting, long term solution to widespread attitudes of racism. Affirmative action promotes diversity in universities and creates a diverse learning environment. A study from the University of Michigan found that diverse groups are better at solving problems. Monoculture ere groups that have come from the exact same background with the same training think alike e, making the group act as essentially one person. Conversely, groups with members of dive rise backgrounds can think from a multitude of different perspectives leading to more innovative problem solving.

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Psychological Theories essays

Psychological Theories essays 1. Select the three of the seven schools of psychological theory: 1) compare and contrast the one theory you think is the most reasonable to the other two theories, and 2) explain the sociocultural perspective as discussed in your text. After taking into consideration, the seven theories in Psychology today, I have found that the behavioral perspective seems to be the most feasible to me. Environmental factors are imperative when it comes to the reason for ones behavior, and is essential when determining the cause of behavior and modifying problem behavior. An additional theory, which I believe is closely similar to this perspective, is the psychoanalytical theory, which was founded upon the philosophy of Sigmund Freud. This theory takes into account the early childhood experiences and how that may affect behavior today. The biological perspective examines the role that biological and genetic processes play in behavior today. Many causes of problem behavior may be inherited and present at birth and may not be due to any other environmental or social factors, according to this theory. Falling under the field known as Neuroscience, this perspective looks at the role of chemical balances and imbalances and the important part they play in behavior. Both the psychoanalytical and behavioral theories take a look inward at certain factors unlike the behavioral theory, which looks out into the surroundings and its effects, so that we can understand the causes of certain behaviors and establish ways to modify them. I personally would surmise that environment is a critical modeling factor in the development and cause of behavior. After all, children model and reflect the behaviors that they are shown and subjected to. The sociocultural perspective examines the roles that culture and society play on a behavior. It looks at how one might, feel, think, or behave in certain social settings. According to...

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Gender and Sexuality Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Gender and Sexuality - Research Paper Example Biological, psychological, social, ethical, legal, cultural, religious, and spiritual factors influence sexuality. Combination of sexuality and gender makes a huge difference in people’s life. These differences determine wellness or ill-being of a person. In addition, the disparities of people’s life stretch between life and death (Rahman and Jackison 52). Gender refers roles and behavior that a particular group of people prefers suitable for women and men. These differences can lead to inequalities between men and women in both health status and access to health care. Women have been on the receiving end for a long time and they continue to fight for their recognition. Patriarchy dominates many societies placing women in a lower class than their men. Some traditions dictate that women should be chaste and pure. A violation of this ideology can lead to restriction in women’s economic and political participations. Other ideologies invites for female genital mutila tion and honor killings incase women goes contrary with such societal beliefs. These ideologies seek to ensure that man and woman stay in line with gender stenotypes (Rahman and Jackison 55). This paper addresses gender difference in sexuality. The paper endeavors to look gender differences in sexuality. According to an article entitled gender differences in sexuality, published in Psychological Bulletein journal, there is a difference in the subject of sex between men and women. In this research, Oliver surveys the incidences of gender differences among males and females. The report was looking at sexual attitudes using 21 different variables (Oliver and Hyde 29). Some of the factors that the article sought to understand were masturbation, casual sex, homosexuality, and sexual satisfaction between men and women. Oliver reveals that, the largest and common incidence among men was masturbation. The articles portray men to have biggest numbers of masturbation incidences as compared to the males. In addition, this article on this journal points out that there is a greater gender disparity in the feelings towards casual sex. Oliver et al depict that men are very lenient and engage in casual sex more often than women do. On matters of homosexuality and sexual satisfaction, the article reveals that there is no evidence or noticeable difference on these issues in both men and women. Each gender expressed a fulfillment in the matters of sexual satisfaction (Oliver and Hyde 46). This article explains the noticed sexual differences between men and women bear their explanation in neo-analytic theory. According to the authors, the observed genders difference in matters of sexuality emanate from early mother child interactions. The article alludes that mothers are the primary caretakers and develop a strong relationship with their children. This implies that young girls and boys have a close-knit relationship between their mothers. The article points out that boys and girl s internalize such a tight connection with their mothers, which determines the gender roles when they grow up. The article suggests that difference in motivation to casual sex and masturbation are attributable to maturity. Women display a difference in sexual desire when they mature. This sis because women needs are for relational commitments and are not completely fulfilled even through marriage and cohesive friendship. The findings of the report of the low